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About us

Converging Minds is a consulting company that advises and serves customers within IT and process management. As the only company in Denmark, we offer the software platform ScienceLogic for monitoring your entire hybrid infrastructure – on and off premise.

Converging Minds works primarily with it-operations for large enterprises and we have special knowledge and capabilities within pharma, food and finance, all of which are regulated industries, where we have special competence and experience. We especially distinguish ourselves in the consulting market by our approach to the tasks. We meet our customers in their everyday situation, we begin with their challenges, we always involve the customers in the process, and of course we will always use well-tested and -documented methods and deliveries.

We help our customers with a wide range of tasks ranging from compliance and IT governance to the implementation and streamlining of processes and the stabilization of their IT platform. We make our customer’s decisions and wishes come true. We are there to help and solve tasks, and we have consultants at all levels and competences for all types of tasks.
When working with Converging Minds you get a great deal of knowledge and a wide range of competencies all of which will develop your business and achieve the greatest possible utility of the latest technologies.

Our visions and values

We want to be a significant player and partner of choice when companies want to bring out the best in their IT organizations. We want to be reliable and trustworthy by delivering smooth and logical solutions to difficult problems based on newest technologies and latest knowledge.

We want to secure a stable, secure and compliant IT platform as a foundation for our customers digitalized business by providing and utilizing advanced technologies and highly skilled consultants and at the same time always being easy and professional to work with.


We are here to help. Tell us what we can do for you.

We know and are proud of what we stand for and we always keep our word to you.

We trust you and we work hard to gain and keep your trust

We are here to help our customers in their current situation and with the challenges they have right now.
We are nice and sociable. You can always talk to us and we are never too fine for any task.

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